“End of an Era: Warner Bros. Cancels Long-Running Courtroom Shows, Leaving Fans and Production Team in Shock”

The AV Club reports that Warner Bros. Television Distribution has decided to cancel the long-running courtroom show “Judge Mathis,” which has been on the air for over two decades. The cancellation comes as part of a larger decision by Warner Bros. to end its relationship with the show’s creator and executive producer, Greg Mathis. The decision to cancel the show has reportedly left many members of the production team shocked and saddened, as the show has been a fixture of daytime television for so long.

In addition to the cancellation of “Judge Mathis,” Warner Bros. has also decided to end its relationship with another long-running courtroom show, “The People’s Court.” Both shows were produced by Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions, which has been acquired by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

This decision marks a significant change in the landscape of daytime television, as “Judge Mathis” and “The People’s Court” have been two of the most popular courtroom shows for over two decades. It is not yet clear what will replace these shows, or whether Warner Bros. will continue to produce other daytime television programming.

In conclusion, the cancellation of “Judge Mathis” and “The People’s Court” marks the end of an era for daytime television. Fans of these shows will no doubt be disappointed to see them go, but it remains to be seen what new programming will take their place.

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