How To Create Facebook Page in (2023) – Let’s Learn with Fun

Hello friends, today we are going to provide detailed information about How to create  Facebook page, market any business through a Facebook page, or Can present any type of professional project.

In today’s time, Facebook is considered to be the most popular social media platform, whether it is any kind of business, whether it is to provide information about digital marketing or to make your profile professional.

For this, only Facebook accounts cannot be relied upon. Facebook page is a good social media platform to promote any business. You can promote your product through Facebook pages all over the world.

Business in Facebook page Advertisement related to Facebook can also be run, so let’s go ahead and know about how to create Facebook page.

How to create Facebook Page

What is Facebook Page

  • This is an option given by Facebook, in which users can share video posts related to their business’s marketing digital platform or their professional profile.
  • Countless people can see any Facebook page, whereas only 5000 people can be added to the Facebook account. Only the Facebook page admin is entitled to upload any post or video to the Facebook page.
  • If the admin wants, he can also give admin access to the Facebook page to any other person.
  • Facebook page can also be liked and opened, Any other user can provide feedback on any post.
  • Advertisements related to the marketing of the business can be run on the Facebook page, which helps in the promotion of the company and if you are a blogger, then you can also promote the website through the Facebook page.
  • You can also earn money by creating a page of your own on the Facebook page. If there are more flowers, sponsorship can also be taken from any company to promote its advertisement.
  • For which the company will also pay you a lot, in this way your social media will also be active, and your identity will also increase.
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How to Create Facebook Page

To create a Facebook page, you must have a Gmail account or a mobile number, with some easy steps, kindly let us know how to create Facebook page.

Step 1. (How to Create Facebook Page)

  • First, go to the home page of Facebook and click on the create option on the right side, next you have to go to the good information option on the left side. 
  • Here you will have to write the name of the Facebook page by which you create the page.

How To Create Facebook Page in (20223)

Step 2. (Page Information)

  • In the page name, write the name with which you are creating the Facebook page, then select the category, the category should be related to your Facebook page.
  • Next, you write about the Facebook page in the description option, or you have created a page for marketing anything and then click on create the page.

How To Create Facebook Page in (20223)

Step 3. (Set up Your Page)

  • Next, you will get something for adding a profile picture in the image option, here you can add an image from the image gallery
  • In the next option, you have to add a cover picture, which you can choose from your gallery and add.

How To Create Facebook Page in (20223)

Step 4. (Verify Your Facebook Page)

  • Next, you click on the save option Next you add your mobile number Facebook will send the code to your WhatsApp Facebook will verify your page
  • Whatever number you are adding, the phone number must be linked to your WhatsApp account, you can also create WhatsApp ads from here.

How To Create Facebook Page in (20223)

Step 5. (Add WhatsApp Button)

  • Next, you can also add a WhatsApp button by going to the add WhatsApp button option, if you want to avoid doing so, then you can click on the skip.

How To Create Facebook Page in (20223)

  • You can also change the username of the Facebook page, for this, you click on Create username.
  • Now our Facebook page has been created, you can make your Facebook page more attractive by using the option on the left side of the Facebook page.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook page

  • To increase the number of lights on the Facebook page, it is necessary to have an attractive cover image of the page, whatever picture you put in the profile image should be related to your Facebook page content.
  • The audience should understand the content of your Facebook page and post, if the audience knows that you are telling about some information or useful things through the page, then your likes will increase.
  • It is essential to post daily on the page,
  • often you must have noticed that if the number of fans of any celebrity wants to increase, then people wait for the post or picture of the celebrity, that is why it is necessary to update the post daily.
  • You can invite people associated with your Facebook account to join the page by going to the Invite option.
  • Share more pictures or short videos on the page because many people find the content very less
  • If you are a blogger or on YouTube, you can inform your viewers about your Facebook page through your video or block.


  • In today’s article, kindly let us know what is a Facebook page, how to create Facebook page, and how to increase the likes of a Facebook page. 
  • We hope all of you readers got to know a lot about this article.
  • If you require supplemental information or suggestions related to this post, then do tell us by commenting in the comment box.

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