“Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin take peyote with Shaman on Spiritual Journey”

The Los Angeles Times reports that actress and activist Jane Fonda recently took peyote with a shaman in the company of her longtime friend and co-star, Lily Tomlin. The experience was part of a personal exploration of spirituality and a way for Fonda to connect with indigenous cultures.

Fonda, who is known for her political activism, has been vocal about her struggles with addiction and the importance of finding inner peace. In recent years, she has turned to meditation and mindfulness practices as a way to achieve this.

The actress has also been involved in environmental and social justice causes, and she sees her spiritual journey as part of a larger effort to create a more just and sustainable world. Fonda has stated that she hopes to learn from indigenous cultures and incorporate their wisdom into her own life and activism.

While some may view Fonda’s decision to take peyote as controversial, she is not the first celebrity to explore alternative forms of spirituality. In recent years, many famous figures have turned to ayahuasca, psilocybin, and other psychedelics as a way to achieve spiritual insights and personal growth.

Overall, Fonda’s journey reflects a growing interest in alternative forms of spirituality and a desire for deeper connections to ourselves and the world around us.

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