“Legendary NCAA coach John Calipari could be the key to unlocking Denver Nuggets’ success, says Woody Paige”

The article “Woody Paige: Nuggets, NBA and NCAA coaching legend would love to see a Mile High” by Woody Paige, published in the Gazette, discusses the possibility of bringing a new basketball coach to the Denver Nuggets. The author mentions the name of John Calipari, a legendary NCAA coach who has a history of coaching some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Paige highlights Calipari’s credentials and reputation, pointing out that he has taken several college teams to the NCAA Final Four and won a national championship in 2012. The author argues that Calipari’s skills could translate well to the NBA and that he would be an excellent candidate to lead the Denver Nuggets.

Paige also talks about the potential advantages of having Calipari as the Nuggets coach, such as his ability to recruit top players and his experience in coaching NBA players. The author argues that Calipari’s approach to coaching could help the Nuggets become a more successful team.

Overall, the article presents an interesting perspective on the possibility of John Calipari joining the Denver Nuggets as their new coach. The author provides relevant background information and makes a compelling case for why Calipari would be a good fit for the team. Basketball fans and Nuggets supporters alike may find this article to be an informative and thought-provoking read.

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