“New Capitol Riot Footage Shocks Viewers and Sparks Investigation”

The article discusses the recent release of new security footage from the January 6th Capitol riot. The footage was obtained by Fox News and released on Tucker Carlson’s show, which has sparked controversy among politicians and viewers alike. The video shows the mob breaking into the Capitol building and confronting police officers. It also shows former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger and former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving telling then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund that they would not be requesting National Guard support before the riot took place.

The article notes that while the footage does not provide any new evidence of wrongdoing by former President Trump, it does raise questions about the response of law enforcement officials and the security protocols in place at the Capitol. Many politicians have expressed concern about the decision not to request National Guard support, which may have contributed to the chaos that occurred on January 6th.

The article also discusses comments made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who criticized former President Trump’s role in the riot and called for a thorough investigation. McConnell’s comments are significant as he has been a vocal supporter of Trump in the past and his criticism suggests a shift in Republican attitudes towards the former President.

Overall, the article highlights the ongoing debate and investigation into the events of January 6th, and the role of law enforcement officials and political leaders in the lead-up and aftermath of the riot.

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