“Shakira opens up about personal struggles and how it inspired her latest hit single”

The article from NBC New York reports on Shakira’s recent reflection on her personal life and how it has inspired her music. The singer reveals that her recent breakup with her long-time partner, Gerard Pique, was the catalyst for her hit breakup song “Don’t Wait Up.”

In the interview, Shakira shares how the past year has been rough for her, with the pandemic and her breakup adding to the difficulties. However, she also reveals that she has been using this time to focus on her music and reconnect with her artistic side. “Don’t Wait Up” was the first song she wrote after her breakup, and she admits that it was cathartic for her to express her emotions through the song.

Shakira also discusses her desire to incorporate more Latin sounds into her music and how her recent collaborations with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Colombian singer Camilo have helped her achieve this goal.

Overall, the article highlights how Shakira has turned her personal struggles into inspiration for her music. Through her honesty and vulnerability, she hopes to connect with her fans and provide a source of comfort and support during these difficult times.

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