Shehzada”: A 21st Century Crime in Bollywood Filmmaking, says The Indian Express Review

The Indian Express has published a scathing review of the recent Bollywood release, “Shehzada,” calling it a “crime to make such films in the 21st century.” The reviewer criticizes the film for its poor writing, acting, and technical aspects, as well as its offensive and regressive content.

The film is centered around the character of Raja, played by actor Upendra Limaye, who is a wealthy businessman and a self-proclaimed protector of his community. Raja’s character is shown to be controlling and manipulative, and he takes advantage of vulnerable women. The film also features a controversial and insensitive portrayal of mental illness, which the reviewer notes is deeply problematic and irresponsible.

The reviewer goes on to criticize the film’s poor production quality, including the amateurish cinematography, editing, and sound design. The performances by the actors are also described as over-the-top and unconvincing.

Overall, the reviewer concludes that “Shehzada” is a film that should never have been made. Its offensive content and lackluster execution make it a disservice to audiences, and it highlights the need for better quality control and accountability in the Bollywood film industry.

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