Twitter’s Musk-See TV: Exploring the Sudden Surge of Elon Musk Tweets on Your Feed”

The article titled “Twitter Suddenly Showing You a Lot of Elon Musk Tweets? You’re Not Alone” on MSN Money discusses the recent increase in Elon Musk’s tweets showing up in users’ Twitter feeds. The article suggests that the sudden surge in Musk’s tweets could be due to a change in Twitter’s algorithm or Musk’s increased activity on the platform.

The article provides some interesting insights about Musk’s Twitter usage, highlighting how his tweets can influence the stock market and his companies’ stock prices. It also notes that Musk’s tweets can be controversial and can have negative consequences, as was the case with his recent comments about Bitcoin, which caused the cryptocurrency’s value to drop.

The article mentions that some users are finding the sudden influx of Musk tweets annoying and are wondering how they can stop them from appearing in their feeds. The article suggests that users can block or mute Musk’s account or turn off notifications for his tweets.

Overall, the article provides an interesting perspective on the recent surge in Elon Musk’s tweets on Twitter. It also provides some useful tips for users who are finding the constant stream of Musk tweets to be overwhelming.

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